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Level up in Lolli

At Lolli Lifting, our journey began with a vision to break free from the ordinary, to shatter stereotypes, and to empower women on their unique fitness journeys. We believe that strength knows no gender and that every woman deserves to feel confident, powerful, and stylish while pursuing her fitness goals. This belief is what led to the creation of Lolli Lifting – a brand that is as vibrant and diverse as the women it serves.

Our Principles...


We are not just a business, we are a community of like-minded women. Let's join together to encourage each other in the gym. To get involved follow us on instagram @lollilifting


Our lifting belts have been crafted from vegan leather. This allows for a quality long-lasting product without harm to animals.


Although it's fun to look good, the belts are also about promoting health. We want to help you reach new PB's and feel better than ever. Message us on Instagram or drop us an e-mail if you would like any help on your journey.

Customer Care

We are a two person team who run Lolli Lifting with love and care. If you run into any issues or wish to speak to us regarding anything, we promise fast and considerate communication.